Getting Ready for an Appliance Service Visit

a woman shaking hands with a repairman

You know how important it is to have your appliances serviced regularly, given the amount of money you spent installing them. But do you really know how to deal with the contractor who visits your home for regular appliance maintenance? Well, you should be well-prepared for the visit.

Best Home Appliance explains how to do it.

Make sure your schedule is clear​

Prior to the visit, the scheduling assistant will call to inform you when to expect your appliance repair service technician. Typically, they’ll give you a time frame, but no one can tell how long a service visit is going to take. So, make sure you are available during the period given and a little after that in case the technician needs to take longer.

Make sure there’s a clear way​

Don’t wait until the contractor is in your house to start moving items. Even worse, don’t make them shift items to get to the appliance. It’s a waste of their time and energy. Be sure to do it early and ensure that there’s adequate lighting, so they can do the pros can their job easily.

Prepare the appliance and the paperwork​

Your technician will ask you to explain what exactly the problem with your appliance is, so they can evaluate what might be causing it. Before their arrival, be sure to clean the appliance so that you don’t delay the service. Get all the paperwork you think they may need, such as invoices for the previous service done by another contractor.

Prepare payment early​

If you’ll need to pay for the service visit, then it’s important that you know how much you need to pay and where the checkbook is. You want to be ready with the payment by the time the technician finishes the work.

Knowing how to deal with technicians during an appliance service visit can make any checkup or repair job successful. With adequate preparation, you can make sure everything runs smoothly.