Furnace Repairs vs. Replacement: When is Which More Practical

Plumber fixing gas furnace

On average, homeowners in the United States shell out about $300 to have their furnace repaired. That’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, many people have to spend even more, because their home heaters keep breaking down.

This then raises the question of whether to keep repairing or go with the seemingly easier route: to get a replacement. In West Valley, a furnace replacement job costs an average of $2,405.50, which already includes the system itself, the parts needed, and the installation labor.

Given, the replacement does come with significantly higher fees and isn’t always the practical solution to all furnace problems. What’s important is you know when it’s best to have it repaired and when you should already go for a replacement. The following will help you determine when is which.

Age: Is it almost 15 years old (or more)?

For a furnace that has reached a milestone of nearly a decade and a half (or longer), it makes more sense to bid it goodbye and get a replacement. Most likely, you have already paid a lot for repairs to keep it working, and now is a good time to invest in a more energy-efficient unit. Even the United States Department of Energy recommends a replacement once a furnace has reached more than 15 years.

Frequency of breakdowns

How many times have you had to call your trusted local HVAC specialist to fix the home heater? You might have paid less than $300 for each service call, but shelling out money for repairs multiple times in a year is already impractical.

On the other hand, even if your furnace is already 10 years old and you only had it repaired once or twice in the previous year, then keeping it makes more financial sense. Don’t forget to have a licensed technician service it on a yearly basis.

All in all, many factors should go into your decision of whether to keep your existing furnace or get a replacement for it. The above-mentioned should give you a clearer picture.