From Materials to Appearance: The Varied Design Options For Carports

A car going into a carport

It doesn’t matter if your garage is too small, is filled with plenty of stuff, or you don’t have one at all. A carport is ideal to keep you and your car safe from external elements.

Other than protecting their vehicles, residents can choose to change the design of their carports in Sunshine Coast. Read on to learn about your options.


Western Australia imposed rules that prevent homeowners from setting up carports that obstruct the view from or to the street. These need to follow the particular distance and size from other structures, depending on where these are constructed.

A basic and functional carport could be made from simple materials with little to no accessories and a flat top. Nevertheless, this style still appears similar to the Scandinavian design trend seen around the world.

There were times when carports received a bad rap because of their physical appearance. What most of the critics don’t know is that a carport can look as charming as any structure in a property.


The material you choose for your carport can make a big difference in its appearance, durability and function. You would likewise have to think about the type of weather your carport will face. If you want to retain the look of your new carport with minimum maintenance, treated durable plastics, metal or timer would be the perfect option.

If a carport is connected to another structure, a resident should consider using similar or same materials on these two structures. The modern carports are now designed with pressure-treated metal beams or timber. These can form an aesthetically pleasing, robust and functional carport if designed well.

Residents do not have to sacrifice the overall appeal of their home by setting up a dull-looking carport. With a cleverly designed one, they will be able to match it with the overall style of their home.