Four Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your AC Unit

Air Conditioner Replacement

Shopping for an AC may sound like an easy task but that’s not necessarily the case. Too often, people make mistakes that they end up regretting for a long time.

The thing is buying an AC is not just about looking at the price of the unit. lists some of the mistakes you should avoid:

Buying the wrong size

A common mistake many homeowners make is buying a unit that is too large. A unit that is bigger than what is required does not enhance the comfort of your home. Rather, it leads to inefficiency and higher utility bills. In addition, a huge unit leads to drastic changes in temperature. It is, therefore, important to get the right size for your room or house. An HVAC technician or supplier can help you decide.

Installing the AC in the wrong place

Besides the size of the AC, its location in your house is an important factor to consider when replacing your old unit. One of the biggest mistakes some buyers make is installing the unit in a corner of the house that they hardly use. This makes your AC work harder and longer to keep your house cool. The result is more power usage and higher energy cost.

Running your AC continuously

It’s tempting to use your brand new AC for long hours. Unfortunately, doing so only increases power consumption and strains the system. If no one will be home for the most part of the day, then set the thermostat a few degrees lower. Better yet, turn it off to conserve energy.

Sloppy maintenance

Your AC is new, but it still needs regular maintenance to function optimally. Unfortunately, many people neglect their AC until it breaks down and requires costly repairs. Ensure that your unit undergoes a thorough inspection once a year.

An air conditioning system is not a cheap investment, so you need to choose one carefully, install it properly, and maintain it. Before buying a unit, do your research so that you make an informed decision.