Fixes to the Top 3 Common AC Problems

Woman Turning On The AC

Air conditioning systems help cool the house during a hot, humid weather. But sometimes, they break and fail to perform their task well. According to, AC problems occur as the result of improper operation, lack of maintenance, and even incorrect installation.

Here are the top air-conditioning problems that you might encounter and some tips on how to fix them.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

Do not just jump into conclusion that your system simply needs a refrigerant refill. Frozen coils, hissing sounds, and warm air blowing from the unit are the usual signs of a refrigerant leak.

Solution: Get air-conditioning service in Utah to locate the leaks. Add refrigerant only when the leaks have been repaired.

2. Frozen Coil

Frozen coils affect the cooling system’s ability to function properly. When the coil is covered in ice, this means that there’s airflow obstruction, which can be caused by several factors like dirty filters and low refrigerant levels. As a result, there won’t be enough cold air coming out of your air-conditioning unit.

Solution: Some coils are not accessible by hand that a technician is required to open the unit or to create an access point. To fix frozen coils, the cause must be identified and repaired.

3. Dirty Filters

This can cause poor airflow, which is one of the top causes of AC problems, and uneven cooling, frozen coils, premature wear and tear, and even allergen buildup. Dirty filters reduce the cooling system’s ability and increase energy consumption, as well.

Solution: Use filters that are specially designed for your system. Disposable filters must be replaced as needed. If you’re using reusable filters, wash them when dirty.

The air-conditioning system is composed of different parts, each performing a specific role. You should get a certified technician if there are problems with it to identify the main cause of the problem. It’s their duty to repair problems, while yours is to ensure proper operation and regular maintenance.