Expert Tips in Giving Your Home a Classic Look

vintage fireplace with people warming their feet

Sleek and modern seems to be the usual theme in homes nowadays, especially since it’s easy to find pieces that fit the setting. However, there’s an allure that vintage decor brings. Since pulling the look together is not as easy, here are some ways to give your home that vintage feel without overdoing it:

The Fireplace

Give your fireplace a touch of “time” with antique fireplace mantels. This simple yet effective accessory can instantly transform a natural fireplace into one that takes you back in the early 1900s. Make sure to pick one that is classy and has a vintage feel. Avoid ones that try too hard to look vintage.

The Sofa

Sofas play a huge part in giving the living room a classic, regal look. Chunky furniture pieces that have gold edges or trimmings could easily transform any room and give it that sought-after vintage appeal. When choosing a sofa, opt for colors and patterns commonly used in those decades, such as red or muted floral patterns. You could also add some throw pillows to complete the look.

The Curtains

If you observe movies that have a royal setting, take the time to look at the windows. Most of them have heavy curtains that do not only add a vintage accent to the room but can also keep the indoors warm during the winter. Use a gold-colored tassel to tie them up on either side to let some sunlight in during the day.

Whether you are transforming your home to give it a vintage look or are planning on building one, the right furniture and accents can do wonders. It pays to know what works and what doesn’t so that the place would look put together. Try to avoid using too much of one thing to keep it from looking cluttered and trying too hard.