Elevate the Design of Your Wooden Stairs

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In New Zealand homes, wooden staircases and balustrades are staple design elements. This is not to say that your stairs should look exactly like your neighbour’s, however. Even with both staircases made of wood, you can still personalise yours to make them an element of your home and not just any home.

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

Use Paint Creatively

Depending on the design of your house, you can use several paint colours for your stairs. Each riser can be painted a different shade, or you could use the same hue in increasing or decreasing lightness. You may also use black and white paint on your wooden stairs to imitate the look of piano keys. There is a public staircase that has the same style to encourage people to use it instead of escalators, but for your house, the design could be an aesthetic element or even a selling point in the future.

Leave Parts of the Stairs Unpainted

Wooden stairs do not need to be painted over if they are finished in the first place. By leaving parts unpainted, you are showcasing the natural beauty of wood. Leave the balustrade unpainted, or even the risers, for a look that is naturally beautiful and integrates well with the outdoors. It is a clever way to bring nature into your home.

Go Against the Theme

You have a modern design going on around the house, and a modern staircase will complete the look. How about an adventurous twist? A wooden staircase will lend that perfect contrast, which makes your house look contemporary even with the seemingly incongruent design element. This takes a little bit of courage to break away from the safest design choice, but it will pay off in terms of the compliments you will receive.

Stairs are not just functional parts of the house. They, too, can be design elements when planned right.