Electrical Mistakes Homeowners are Likely to Make

a professional electrician laying out the wiring of house

You’ll have to deal with electrical problems at some point because wirings and appliances will begin to wear out. However, some homeowners run into the same mistakes again and again. Identifying what these enable to avoid them and get the help of an electrician, if you can’t solve it on your own.

The Box Installation

According to experts on electrical service in Utah some homeowners make the mistake of nailing the box too far out of a wall. This creates problems when you need to install a drywall.

Wrong Wire Size

Some homeowners inappropriately buy and install wires that are not at the right size and amps for the circuit they want. This leads to electrical problems such as shortages and blown fuses. If you’re unsure about the sizing, consult with an electrician or have them buy and install it for you.

Uncovered Junction Box

Some homeowners fail to even cover the junction boxes; this is where the wires are, leaving them exposed may cause inadvertent damage or shock a person that accidentally touches them. The danger level is minimal as long as the box is out of reach, but you should be careful and put aside money to cover it.

An Overwired Panel

This is a problem characterized by too many circuits connected to a panel. One slot may contain too many tandem breakers instead of the usual single-pole breaker. Always check the label of a panel to determine the number of circuits it can handle. This is a code violation that has a low danger level, but becomes a major problem when you plan to sell the house.

The Use of Aluminum Wires

This type of wiring has phased out for decades; aluminum was a cheaper alternative to copper, but is no longer a safe option for homeowners. Replace these old wires with new ones to prevent an electrical hazard. The danger level of this is high because this material begins to corrode when it touches copper, which results in loose connections and may cause fires.

These are the common electrical problems some homeowners encounter and even make. Change these habits and consult with an electrician to determine the best course of action.