Detrimental Effects of Store-Bought Drain Cleaners on Different Areas

Close-up photo of kitchen sink drain

Clogged drains are a common issue in most residential and commercial establishments. Quick solutions to prevent flooding are essential. In most instances, people pour store-bought drain cleaners down their drain to remedy the situation.

The store-bought cleaners are not the ideal solution. There are multiple rationales behind ditching store-bought products for professional drain cleaners in Salt Lake City to handle clogged drains. Whipple Service Champions share some detrimental effects of commercial drain cleaners in different areas.

Your Plumbing System

Most store-bought cleaners contain sulphuric acid, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. These might work to clear up your drain in the short-term, but the chemicals do not entirely remove the clog. These substances remain in your plumbing for a long time and cause substantial wear and tear which ultimately results in costly repairs or overhauls. They also eventually clog your pipes.

Health and Safety

Chemicals used in commercial drain cleaners are highly toxic. Fumes from these cleaners linger long after its use. These fumes have been linked to congenital disabilities and hormone disruption in both sexes with long-term exposure common in repeated use. The ingredients used in these chemicals are also neurotoxic and carcinogenic increasing your risk of particular cancers and neurological diseases.

The Environment

The residue from these cleaners makes its way to landfills and eventually into water bodies. This destroys the delicate natural habitat of aquatic life. The water might also end up in water treatment plants which are not well-equipped to filter out the chemicals left by commercial drain cleaners. This leads to ingestion of these harmful chemicals in drinking water.

Professional plumbers use effective and safe drain cleaning methods. These include hydro-jetting and motorized drain snakes after video camera inspection to diagnose the problem. It is time to leave the dangerous and ineffective chemicals on the supermarket shelf and get a professional plumber o handle all your drain cleaning.