Designing a Home That Reveals Your Personality

Modern Living Room

Many people would like their homes to depict a certain ambiance. They want their homes to reveal a little something about who they are. However, many people do not know how to achieve it. Furniture and decor is a field that requires more knowledge and skill than most people think. You need to know how to use furniture, accessories, decor and lighting to your advantage. If you can combine all the right elements, then your home would say a lot more about you than it does now.

Choose the Right Furniture

Most homes have centre-pieces that dictate the design of a house. For many people, their three-piece sofa sets define their homes. If you enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, a traditional country sofa could work for you. Leberta explains that eclectic and hand-made sofa sets with bold colours and forms are statement pieces in many homes.

If you are looking for a cutting edge style that says ultra modern, materials such as fibreglass and steel are the best materials for your set. Minimalist and compact designs are the definition of furniture design in the digital age. For those who want an industrial style, look for pieces that use different kinds of metal: aluminium and stainless steel are popular choices, but you could also use bronze or copper for a unique look to your furniture.

Decorate Your Home

Choose decor that complements your centre-piece. However, you could design each room in a different way, but still focus on your theme. You need to choose your colours, furniture style and decor carefully. You can also play with lighting to get the mood right. A variety of textures, fabrics, and patterns also make for an interesting design.

Your Home, Your Design Choice

Whatever design approach you want for your home, whether it’s shabby chic, ultra-modern, or a do-it-yourself country style, your home’s appearance will depend largely on your design choices. So let your personality shine through your home and choose furniture, colour, and decor that suits your style.