Design Ideas For A Romantic Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden

Nothing looks more alluring than a cottage garden donned with different flowers. Their smell alone would urge you to spend more time outside and enjoy nature. The vision of a colorful and stunning garden has tempted several residents to get Belgian copper garden planters, install a picket fence, and horde flowers.

Don’t Miss Out on Romance

The majority of cottage gardens provoke a romantic feel. It might be because of the fragrant flowers or the pastel shades that are known for this type of garden. Old roses and peonies will scent your patio and provide a dash of sensuality.

Don’t Hesitate to Enclose It

You need to think about how the surrounding fence of your cottage garden will look for it can be small. Compared to the fences you now see today, traditional ones were lower. To set a more romantic tone, use picket fences or lattice fences that can hold flowering vines like climbing roses, wisteria and clematis.

Plant Close and Keep the Soil Healthy

Cottage gardens customarily have plant beds beside houses – and these are tightly packed with plants. The signature feature of a cottage garden is this informal grouping of a wide array of plants that includes a mixture of annual flowers, foliage plants, and vegetables. This assortment will twine around one another and compete for attention.

Ensure that you use rich and good organic soil so that your plants stay healthy and your teeming plant beds look great. Don’t forget to use a lot of fish emulsion, tea or compost as a soil fertilizer. You also have to cover that soil with undyed mulch because it helps maintain its moisture, improves it as it breaks down and keeps a steady temperature.

Anytime soon, you’ll wake up in your patio inhaling the sweet flower scents and admiring the view of your romantic cottage garden. For sure, it will be the envy of your neighborhood.