Dentures With A Twist

Dentures in a Glass of Water

In the last decade or so, dental implants in Hampshire have become the first choice tooth restoration treatment, for dentists and patients alike. This is because of the benefits they offer in terms of stability and durability, thereby giving people who have lost teeth their freedom of food choices back. People also no longer need to worry about their teeth wobbling around and embarrassing them with a loss of dignity.

In Hampshire, dental implants are available from various reputable dental practices, including Hampshire Dental Implants.

The great thing about dental implants is that once they’re in, the patient can expect them to last for the rest of their life. This is not the case for dentures and bridges, which have to be replaced every 7–10 years. However, for some the initial cost of having dental implants in Hampshire can seem prohibitive, especially if the patient is going to have all their teeth replaced.

Denture Stabilisation

Fortunately, there is a brilliant compromise solution that takes the best of both dental implant technology and dentures and brings them together in a treatment that is a fraction of the price of replacing all the teeth with dental implants. It’s called denture stabilisation.

How Denture Stabilisation Works

Firstly, the patient needs to have any failing teeth removed and may have to wear temporary dentures for a few weeks while the gums and bone heal and the swelling goes down.

They then have mini implants inserted. The great thing about this is that they can be inserted through the gum, instead of having to have a flap cut through the gum so the dentist can get at the bone.

It usually only requires two implants at the front of the jawbone to stabilise dentures on the lower jaw. This is the denture that causes so much trouble with wobbling around because there’s the tongue there to constantly dislodge it. In fact, studies have shown that 15% of people who have a lower denture don’t wear it because it is so uncomfortable.

The implants either have a ball on top that the denture snaps on to, or a bar between the two implants that it can secure to.