Customization Options for Portable Walk-In Bathtubs

Woman submerges in a bubble bath

One in every four seniors and adults with limited mobility fall in their homes annually. Bathrooms account for over 80% of these falls. You can transform your bathroom into a haven from the dangerous one common in most buildings nowadays with a portable walk-in bathtub.

Other than the increased bathroom safety which comes with a portable bathtub, your bathroom will also become a more relaxed and soothing place. The tubs at Heavenly Walk In Tubs come with various customization options to fit your desires and bathroom’s layout, decor, and overall design. Here are some of these options.

Hand-Held Shower Systems

Most people wish for the safety of a bathtub without compromising the comfort of a shower. You can now benefit from both by installing a hand-held shower wand with adjustable sprays. This wand can be easily detached and used when sitting.

Low-Entry Step-Ups

Walk-in bathtubs are designed to minimize the height up to which you lift your legs to get in. Most tubs have an entry threshold of 3-5 inches. If this is too high for you, you can opt for a lower-entry step-up. When combined with an adjustable seat, the lower-entry step-up becomes convenient for those with zero mobility and morbid obesity.

Tub Extenders

There are times when your new walk-in tub might not match its allocated space in your bathroom. In most cases, there is extra space between your new walk-in tub and the wall. To solve this issue, you can get a tub extender to fill up space. This ensures your bathtub matches your decor and also protects the bathroom from electrical and water damage.

Everyone’s bathroom area and experience are different, and so your bathtub should also be unique. With the above options, you are sure that the installation of a walk-in bathtub will not mean sacrificing your bathroom’s comfort and look. The installation of the tub should, however, be professionally handled so that it does not affect its users’ safety.