Choosing a Unique Concept: Is Your Restaurant IG-Worthy?

a hipster cafe

n the age where everyone documents virtually everything that happens in their lives, your restaurant must learn to catch up. To be able to design an appealing space, you have to come up with a great concept to match it.
Identify how you can capture your diner’s hearts and their Instagram accounts by choosing a unique theme. LMNOP Designs shares some great ideas to guide you.

Dinner in the Sky (Available in 45 Countries Worldwide)

Diners get to enjoy an exquisite dinner while hanging over 160 feet in the air. This unusual restaurant can serve 22 daring diners, along with three staffers to serve them.

The Disaster Café (Loloret de Mar, Spain)

Staying true to its name, the Disaster Café in Spain promises to provide their diners with a doomsday-inspired dining experience. They basically simulate 7.8 Richter-scale earthquakes all throughout the meal.

Ithaa (Rangali Island, Maldives)

This is the world’s first and only restaurant located under the sea. It provides 14 lucky diners with a 27-degree panoramic view of the nation’s wonderful sea creatures.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant (Devil Island, China)

Fans of prison documentaries would be ecstatic to dine in a jail-inspired restaurant. As soon as the diners come in, the staff assigns them numbers, they get to take their own mug shots, and even have their fingerprints taken. The entire restaurant looks like a prison, of course, complete with iron bars, metal floors and sliding jail doors.

Eternity (Truskavets, Ukraine)

A bunch of undertakers who want to provide their diners a scary dining experience owns this restaurant. Horror fans would be thrilled to see and eat in a restaurant constructed to resemble a real coffin, which is why it doesn’t have any windows. They use funeral stuff to decorate it, and they created an entire death-inspired menu.

Let the above restaurants from around the globe serve as your inspiration in designing your restaurant. Just try to base it on your own personal preferences, culture, and location, or just combine some concepts together that you think will lure more diners.