Check These Three Things to Know If Your Home Needs Rewiring

Electrician Working on Electrical Wall Fixture

The electrical wiring in your home can be dangerous, if left unmanaged. Outdated electrical circuits can lead to accidents that can affect your property, or worse, your family. Keep your eyes open for signs to know when to contact electrical services in Utah or other areas. Here are some of the things you can check to have an idea when it’s time to rewire your house.

Has it been 30 years?

If three decades have passed since the installation of your home’s electrical circuit, it’s time for a redo. Aluminum wire was the standard wiring material back in the day. This variant overheats fast and is a serious fire hazard. Replace aluminum wires with more durable copper wires.

Are your electrical outlets overloaded?

Newer electronic devices and appliances need specific wiring. Along with it is the need for more sockets. Old wiring systems and extension plugs may not be able to handle these devices. Your circuit breaker will trip if your electrical outlets are overloaded.

How’s your circuit breaker?

Speaking of which, make sure to check your circuit breaker. It prevents fire by “tripping,” or shutting off more electrical flow than it can handle. But when it trips frequently, there’s either a faulty electrical appliance connected to it or the wiring needs to be changed. Otherwise, it can lead to electrical shocks or fire. Another way of preventing this is by being more efficient with energy. You can upgrade your two-pronged outlets to three-pronged to be more energy efficient.

Wirings don’t last forever. Be sure to check yours to avoid accidents. These measures will result in a safer and more energy-efficient house.