Chain Link Fence Ties Explained

Chain Link Fence at a park

Chain links are arguably the most common fencing material, which is attributable to their cheap and easy-to-install feature. This type of fence is comprised of strong weaved wires, posts, and ties. The latter is used to attach a weaved wire to the posts to make a complete fence. Some of the different types of ties are explained below:

Self-Locking Fabric Bands

This type needs a stable and secure bond. These bands are mostly used when attaching a nine-gauge chain link to fence posts. The bands are essentially flat to provide a safer environment, which is unlike twist wires that prick those who come into contact with them using their sharp ends. This makes the self-locking option ideal for residential homes, children’s playgrounds, and sports parks. Self-locking fabric bands are also capable of fitting around all types of chain link fencing posts.

Easy Twist Ties

These types of ties are used by Sarasota fence installation professionals on both large chain link installations as well as smaller commercial projects. This kind of tie can be used on a two-inch mesh or larger, and it allows for a quick and more secure installation.

Easy twist ties are made to fit around a post and a single picket. They also come in different coatings, gauges, and sizes that can fit around all rails and posts. Easy Twists can be customized to meet the specification of various government institutions, such as ASTM, Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Prisons, Federal Aviation Administration, and local and state correctional facilities.

Collated Hog Rings

Collated hog rings are used to attach weaved fabric to the binding rolls of the chain link. These are similar to staples and are loaded on hog ring fencing tools. The jaws are placed on the area that needs attaching and its handles are squeezed to install the ring into place. These rings are faster to move, which allows the installation crew to accomplish the job quickly.

A fence is an ideal way of keeping trespassers away while also beautifying your outdoor area. Fences come in different materials and varying installation techniques. Chain links are among the cheapest fences and have a variety of components that keep them tightly attached to fencing posts. These elements come in different materials and styles to suit your specific needs.