Home Maintenance

Build an Energy-Efficient Home Now

Row of houses in a neighborhood

With the rising demand for self-sustainability and energy efficiency, some would say that the future is now. Many advances in housing technology have made it possible for homeowners from all over Australia to build self-sustaining houses. In fact, the government has come up with a standardised measure for home efficiency,…

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Chinese buyers comprised most of the foreign buyers that acquired between 25% and 45% of new homes in Queensland in the 2015-2016 financial year, according to ANZ Bank’s research. The transactions may have contributed to an increase in Brisbane home prices during the third quarter of 2017. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’…

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The Key to Using Your Outdoor Space

Tables and chairs on a patio

How useful is that patio that you have? Do you even use this outdoor area in your house? Many homeowners want to use this area, but the weather could be the of the reasons most people limit their use of their patio. Many homeowners now have a great way to…

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Fencing Tips For Property Owners

A wooden fence

Fencing helps keep your home or building secure from the outside world. Considering their importance, the following are some things to remember when installing one. Know What Type to Use If you’re building a fence for your home, then something pretty and sturdy would do well. For businesses, an industrial fence would…

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Top 4 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Air Conditioner Repair Man. Using testing equipment on outside unit.

Your HVAC system plays an integral part in providing the comfort you need at home. It is, therefore, important to ensure that it works efficiently. Doing things right can ensure a smooth operation and an ideal living environment. Here’s a list of HVAC mistakes that you should avoid: Skipping preventive…

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For homes, foundations and footings function similarly as the legs and feet of the human body. Footings secure your house to the ground and hold up the foundation, which supports the weight of the entire house. Foundation contractors such as bouldercontractors.com say there are three primary types of foundation. Here are some…

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Awning: A Homeowner’s Care Guide

A home with awnings

Your back porch will not be complete without something that will cover you and your family during the peak of the summer season (and the rainy ones). That’s why awnings, like the ones they have in coffee shops, are making their way into residential properties. Dorchester Awning Co noted that there…

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Is Your Home’s Roof Snow-Ready?

Winter is coming, and you better be prepared to prevent unwanted accidents or problems from happening once the first snowfall comes. This principle applies particularly to your roofing. Many homeowners tend to forget about their roof and its necessary maintenance, which leads to disasters during a bad weather. You can…

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Molds, a type of fungi, is basically everywhere. You’ll find them both outdoors and indoors, whichever part of Utah you live in — basically, anywhere in the world. While they do play important roles in the ecosystem and are essential to the breakdown process of organic matter, they can also…

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