Bring Out a Different Elegance in Your Home with Stylish Stair Treads

Modern elegant stairs

Home designs have taken a new dimension in making stylish sitting rooms with an exposed staircase. The trendy stair treads can complement your sitting room with an elegant look.

You can raise the value of your staircase in New Zealand by using artistic stair treads that would not only add beauty to your home but also prevent fatal staircase accidents. Here are some examples.

Rubber Stair Treads

The material used on rubber stair treads is mostly vinyl and rubber. Some companies use recycled vinyl and rubber, which helps take care of the ecosystem while you beautify your home. This type of stair tread is durable, which makes it best for a high-traffic staircase. Apart from durability, it is trendy, safe to use, since it is not slippery, and is also easy to maintain and clean.

Wooden Stair Treads

Wooden stair treads are a beauty to behold. Different types of timber make the stair treads appear in different colours and patterns. The wooden stair treads should match the floor colour and pattern and other furniture as well. It is therefore essential to make a perfect selection of timber for your wooden stair treads.

Steel Stair Treads

Steel stair treads are the latest trends in stair casing. The designers of steel stair treads can make a customised staircase that can match your entire floor. Designs like a floating spiralled staircase made from steel can easily support any steel stair treads. Both the staircase and the treads in the colour of your choice can intrigue anyone walking into the room.

Elevate your home’s interior design from ‘old school-look’ to modern and stylish with creatively installed stair treads.