Better Garage Safety: Burglars are Upping their Game and So Should You

Burglar trying to forcibly open a door

A 10-cent wire coat hanger and a video tutorial may be everything intruders need to break into your home.

Burglars from all over the state are turning to video tutorials to enter homes armed only with a coat hanger. This trick goes back 20-plus years, but the tutorials posted on YouTube made coat hanger burglaries a nationwide problem.

With the escalating number of crimes made through garage doors, authorities emphasized the importance of making sure garage doors are secure by having them checked by professionals such as those from

Burglars Take to YouTube

Intruders might have more use for the emergency latch on your garage door than you. Guided by videos posted online, burglars have learned how to use coat hangers to reach inside your garage door (through the top) to pop the emergency latch and let the door slide open manually.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are several low-cost ways to fight back and secure the home. One is to disable the emergency release lever or remove the cord. While this is a surefire way to discourage intruders from using the coat hanger trick, it also means you won’t be able to use the feature in emergency cases.

Improve Home Safety

The best way to amp up your home security, of course, is by enlisting the help of professionals.

Professionals can test the balance and force setting of your garage door, determining if it’s easy to open the door manually and if it reverses with resistance. They should also be able to check all the parts of the garage door, including the ones that are not visible, for any nuances.

Organizations that preserve the safety of door access systems recommend annual maintenance and upkeep of garage doors to ensure optimum safety and performance. This additional, once–a-year measure will not only help you make sure you have well-lubricated rollers or tight nuts and bolts, but it also helps you secure your property and protect your family’s safety.