Awning: A Homeowner’s Care Guide

A home with awnings

Your back porch will not be complete without something that will cover you and your family during the peak of the summer season (and the rainy ones). That’s why awnings, like the ones they have in coffee shops, are making their way into residential properties.

Dorchester Awning Co noted that there are different kinds of awnings. Many Boston shops have retractable awnings as well as traditional ones. The choice depends on your needs and preferences. However, one thing that you need to remember is to always keep it well maintained.

1. Fabric

Awnings are made of different kinds of fabric, so be sure to maintain it. Make sure your awning is free of solid foreign objects and debris. Sweep it slowly to avoid scratches and punctures. Then, wash it with mild soap and water to make it look good as new. Remember not to use detergent as it is too strong for awning fabrics and might leave stains when not rinsed properly.

2. Gear

Retractable awnings have another important part — their gears. Like in other mechanical tools, inspecting your gear for abnormalities and lubricating it to make sure it operates properly is necessary.

3. Framework

Most awning frameworks are made of aluminum. While aluminum itself is designed to be low maintenance and resistant to rust, dusting it off and cleaning it occasionally with soap and water can give back the shine and luster it once had.

4. Storage

When awnings won’t be needed for the season, proper storage is a must. Make sure it is placed in a well-ventilated area away from the reach of animals and pests. Avoid putting it in the plastic, as this might ruin the components of your awning.

Are you an awning owner? Maybe it’s time you give your awning some TLC that it has long deserved.