Avoid Compromising Your Sleep With These 4 Habits

Woman sleeping in bed with an eye mask

You probably know that keeping a regular schedule is one great way to promote better sleep and improve your sleeping habits. The same way is also true for exercising early in the morning and avoiding a vigorous workout three hours before sleeping.

If you follow such habits, but still can’t get quality slumber, it is important to look at some of your routines that can affect sleep quality. Be sure that you avoid the following things:

Afternoon Napping

Napping may help you recharge when feeling tired, but doing this later in the day can compromise your sleep. Avoid napping in the afternoon, as it will only make it hard for you fall asleep at night. If you’re feeling a little bit tired or sleepy during the day, it is best to do some light exercises. If you, however, feel the need to take a nap then keep it short.

Distractions in the Bedroom

Promoting good sleep can be as easy as turning your bedroom conducive to sleep. Apart from investing in good bedding, mattress stores in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah suggest removing distractions like bright lights and unwanted noise. You should also keep the room cool. If your mattress and pillows are not comfortable, consider replacing them.

Using Electronics Before Bedtime

When you use gadgets before sleep, your melatonin (hormones that regulate sleep) are affected. This is why it is best to avoid using electronics, at least two hours before sleeping. If you read as a way of winding down, use a real book instead of your tablet. It is also a good idea to reduce screen brightness in computer screens during the day.

Bringing Work in Bed

Similar to using gadgets before bedtime, this also impedes your ability to fall asleep faster. While your bed may seem comfortable for checking emails or working late at night, it creates a bad connection between your bed and slumber. If you keep doing this, you may soon associate your bedroom with other stimulating activities instead of sleeping.

Follow these suggestions and see how they can improve your sleeping habits. It is also a good idea to talk to a sleep doctor if you have difficulty falling or staying asleep.