Attic Insulation Problems: Signs to Watch Out for

a man setting up the insulation

Winter is coming. This phrase does not only hold true in the Game of Thrones world. People living in the country also dread winter because it is very, very cold. Luckily, you need not don thick fur jackets wherever you go like Sansa Stark or Jon Snow. Thanks to modern technology, and of course, your home insulation.

However, sadly, most of the time, home insulation are not properly maintained resulting in the need for repair or replacement. Knowing when your home in Kansas needs attic insulation repair is very crucial. Experts at A+ Insulation share some things to watch out for.

Signs your attic insulation needs repair

1. Increasing energy bills

There are a lot of reasons why your energy bills suddenly increase. But insulations that do not work properly are almost always a culprit. They cause your HVAC units to run more than they should, thus consume more electricity resulting in increased bills.

2. Ice formation around the house

Icicles around the roof of your house might look cool. But if these ice dams and icicles are present, chances are your attic insulation is not properly working. This formation is caused by improper heat distribution which results in partial melting of the accumulated ice in your roof. Once heat is absent, it freezes to become icicles or ice dams.

3. Fluctuating temperature

Draftiness and fluctuating indoor temperatures are another sign of poor insulation. A well-insulated home is one that has a stable temperature. Thus, if you feel hot and cold in your own home at the same time, chances are there is something wrong with your insulation that needs attention.

4. Infestation

Pests can easily get into your home uninvited because of poor insulation. They usually stay in the attic, or in the basement. So if you hear unusual sounds, have experienced odors, and see scratches or signs of damage in your home, immediately seek professional help to repair your insulation.

Damaged insulation can cause a lot of problem and damage if not addressed immediately and properly. Seek professional help if you experience these signs of possible insulation problems.