Are You a Victim of These Thermostat Usage Mistakes?

If you posed the question “Do you know how to use the controls in your home?” to homeowners, you would probably not get a “No.” for an answer. However, results from a research study by Energy Saving Trust paint a different picture. A significant number of homeowners are not familiar with their thermostat and other household controls.

Here is a breakdown of three common thermostat mistakes:

Mistake #1: Turning up the Device for Rapid Heating of Room

When you come home and the weather is extremely chilly, what do you do to the thermostat? Some think turning the device up to maximum will translate to a comfortable temperature soon. Of course, they always end up disappointed. A thermostat is not like a car’s accelerator where you press harder, accompanied by a higher speed. A thermostat simply controls the room’s final temperature.

Mistake #2: Setting to an Extremely Low Temperature

Some people believe that setting the thermostat to an extremely low temperature can help cool the room faster, but Home Comfort Experts and other heating service professionals say that it’s not entirely true. Its job is to help you determine the optimal temperatures for daytime, nighttime, and periods you are away from home, so let it do its job at a normal pace.

Mistake #3: Opting for a Low Temperature Setting over Turning It off or On

When you leave the setting low, it means that the room is warmed when no one is in. Sitting in a cold room can be unbearable, so it’s better to use a thermostat programmer for some energy savings. This will ensure that the room is warm when you’re in and save money when no one needs heating.

Have been using your thermostat ineffectively? Many people do not know how home controls work so they often misuse them, albeit unknowingly. When you know your device, you not only enhance its life, but also save more.