Add an Annex to Your Home with a Backyard Cabin

Modern cabin

In this day and age of heightened awareness on a more sustainable, eco-friendlier lifestyle, backyard cabins are a great addition to any household. It’s like having extra living quarters on the same property, but you spend less on materials and money than you would, were you to remodel your entire house. The addition of this annex also affords a private space and doubles as an extra room that you can choose to use according to your needs at the moment.

Conforming to Your Needs

Your backyard cabin can be whatever you need it to be at that particular time. You can use it as a kid’s playhouse or as an office, an art room or a music room. Alternatively, you can use it as your solitary space in which you pursue your own hobbies and interests, or even just as a space in which you get some well-deserved me-time. Of course, you can always utilise it as a guest room for visiting relatives — after all, these cabins are not called “granny flats” for nothing.

Building Your Backyard Cabin

If you are looking to go the DIY route towards making this cabin-dream a reality, you should know that building this new structure comes with a fair share of work. You will need to ask around, first off, to determine what’s allowable, given your zoning laws as well as the residential guidelines in your area. Then you will need to decide on materials suited to your climate, as well as figure out the logistics of construction: for instance, connecting utilities to the separate cabin and adding additional pipelines for the toilet could pose some difficulties. Doing all these on your own can be rewarding, albeit challenging – but it can also be disastrous if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools. Hiring a contractor or a company that specialises specifically in building backyard cabins is still your best option.

Whether you use it as a kid’s playroom, a place to entertain friends, an office, or just a plain guest house — a backyard cabin is a practical, sustainable, value-adding upgrade to any residence. Call in the professionals and let them help you build the exact cabin for your exact need.