About Us

Twisted Stitcher is composed of a team of homeowners, DIY experts, and artisans who work hard to create a helpful, practical knowledge base for people to transform their homes and hobbies into magazine-worthy living spaces and lifestyles.

Their combined expertise and experience of the community provides complete home improvement and DIY gardening tricks to keep living spaces dynamic and delightful. They connect their audience seeking advice and how-to’s with home and garden experts and professionals to launch their DIY projects in no time.

Rooms for Improvement

The era of sifting through stacks of magazines just to find that perfect home, garden, or lifestyle advice is over. Twisted Stitcher gives you access to hundreds of community-sourced content on pretty much everything home and garden-related. Browse through our substantial collection of ideas for home remodeling, renovation, front/backyard landscapes, room décor, upholstery colors, furniture arrangement, and custom DIY projects tailored to your budget and lifestyle needs.

Purpose-driven Design

Any approach to home and garden improvement should be deliberate and organized, and while reducing costs is unavoidable at times, cutting corners are not an option. We believe that any task to enhance the quality of your living spaces reflects the person undertaking the work. Twisted Stitcher shares innovative ways to accomplish home improvement projects without sacrificing any of its crucial elements.

Twisted Stitcher looks forward to bringing more inspiration for household revamps, DIY guides, and other improvement ideas. Readers are free to share their thoughts. Come on in, get your tools and overalls ready, and let’s get things done.