A Solution to Costly Leaks

A 2016 study on residential end uses of water reports that US homes waste about 12 percent—over 775 billion gallons—of the water they receive annually. This study has since prompted initiatives for natural resources conservation to begin urging residents to take pragmatic steps toward reducing water waste, especially from plumbing leaks.

End this leak

Typically, the average water consumption rate in the US is 80 to 100 gallons per person per day. So, if your water bills break that ceiling, chances are high there is a leak in your home, advises Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical in Lehi. If you have not checked to your worn-out toilet flappers, showerheads, sink, tub faucets, and your irrigation system, do not be quick to conclude that the leaks are just from loose plumbing fixtures.

The solution

There are smart leak detection systems in the market today, but that is not enough to manage this situation that is costing the public billions of money. You need a system that catches the leaks in real time, and that comes with automatic water shut-off features to cut water supply to your home to prevent further leakage.

If the leak detection system you use does not stop flagged leaks automatically, it is not efficient enough to save you the amount of water you lose to leakage.

There is a common misconception that plumbing leaks are harmless. That is where this whole problem lies, especially, since most leaks stealthily go down the drain with little to no damage to property. But, if you would take the time to consider how large a slice of your household budget these leaks carve, you would look for means to fix the problem quickly.

The best place to start is to engage an experienced plumber in Lehi, Utah to find an effective leak detection mechanism and shut-off system that will best solve your plumbing needs.