A Guide for Selecting the Ideal Horsepower for Your Garage Door Opener

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While most people pay a lot of attention to their garage door, a few only bothers with the door opener. This is however among the vital considerations you should keep in mind when installing your door. When buying a garage door opener, there are also many factors to consider.

Pros at Steel City Garage Doors shares that among the key considerations that determine your choice is the horsepower of the garage door opener motor for your Pittsburgh home or office. This is the driving force of your door’s movements. Here are the available door opener motor horsepower ratings.

1/3 HP

This motor has the least power and is the most affordable.  1/3HP motors do not last for a long time and are used for lighter garage doors such as the ones made from steel. They are still capable of lifting other heavier garage door whose weight is evenly distributed. In this case, however, a 1/3HP motor will need frequent replacement.


This is the most popular choice for most people since it suits most garage doors. It works for both double and single doors with an average evenly-distributed weight. It is the ideal option for doors with an 8-12 ft width. 1/2HP motors are cheaper and last longer than 1/3 HP ones.


This is the ideal choice for hefty garage doors such as the ones made of wood. Any door with widths of more than 14ft will benefit from this high horsepower. It is the most expensive option among the three but also lasts the longest and provides the maximum power amount. 3/4HP motors also open doors faster compared to other HP ratings.

The material and size of your garage door and desired longevity of the opener are the key determinants of your horsepower choice. Whichever option you select from the three above, ensure your door is always well-balanced. An unbalanced door will significantly hamper the functions of your door opener and decrease its longevity.