5 Practical Uses of Geodesic Domes

a designer working on geodesic domes

Do you know that geodesic domes have been around since early 20th century? Although it is now that these domes are becoming more famous in the modern world, they have been around for a while, thanks to R. Buckminster Fuller, an American architect and engineer who was looking for ways to improve human shelter methods.

Today, there are different variations to the original design of the dome to suit numerous applications. Below, experts at Growing Spaces share ways you can use these geodesic domes in your home:


If you love gardening, you can get a dome greenhouse for growing your flowers, plants, and vegetables. PVC domes are the best option for greenhouse because of the characteristics of PVC in maintaining optimum temperature in a closed space.

Car Shed

If your garage is full of household items, or you have no garage at all, you can get a dome to act as storage for your car. Also, a dome serves as a good shed for your vehicle against the harsh weather elements, such as snow and the summer sun.

Extra Outdoor Storage Space

You can never have enough space in your home to store all your belongings. Domes offer additional space to store old furniture, tools and equipment, toys, and firewood.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events, such as weddings and gatherings, usually need space and shade for your attendees. Domes can act as that temporary structure that you require for such events.


Gone are the days camping was limited to tents. Domes offer comfortable camping environments, with some coming with extra-functional features such as heating, cooling, and plumbing. You can then get away from your busy life for a while, and experience luxurious camping with friends.

From using the dome as extra storage space and as a parking lot to when going out camping, it is evident that there are limitless options to how you can use geodesic domes.

There is not much difference in the types of such domes available in the market; however, your application will determine the appropriate size of for you.