5 Creative Ideas To Maximise Storage Space At Home

Double white painted garage doors exterior in flat roof house.

Almost every home has the same problem: storage space. Creating space for storage can be difficult, especially when you have a small house. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve the problem.

Over the past years, storage ideas have become a popular trend. In fact, many houses today have storage spaces and these are not even noticeable. These clever ideas make life easier and are easy to do.

Stairs Cabinet

Many houses in NZ have wooden stairs that can turn into storage spaces. Ackworth House agrees that the space underneath the stairs can provide adequate space for a library, a television stand, a working area and drawers for your belongings.

Double-Deck Bed

Your kid’s room may lack the space for his toys, clothes and all the things he needs for play and school. Many individuals are turning their double-deck beds into a space haven. You can convert the stairs into a cabinet with drawers. Others are turning the lower bed area into a work or study table while they sleep on the top part of the bed.

Pantry or Storage Doors

You can turn your pantry, cabinet or storage doors into another storage area for food items, spices and cleaning materials. Just install a wooden or metal shelf that will fit perfectly even if the door is closed.

Clever Cabinet

If you have much available space at home, like a huge pillar, you can turn them into clever cabinets. You just need to bore a hole on the pillar or wall and create a storage space for books, toys or decorations.


Your bed’s headboard is a wasted space as well. You can turn it into a built-in cabinet or just build the cabinet around the headboard. You can use this space to store decorations, alarm clocks, plants and even some of your gadgets.

Creating storage spaces at home is a creative and fun activity. Just use your imagination and think of ways to turn wasted spaces into functional works of art.