4 Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Woman examining mattresses

Despite being a significant item in the bedroom, the mattress rarely gets the attention it deserves. Yet sleep, alongside exercise and a healthy diet, is key to the wellness of a person. The right mattress enhances quality sleep, corrects posture, and reduces back pain. On the other hand, a poor quality mattress will deny you a good night’s sleep and put you at risk. Below are five specific ways your mattress affects your health.

1. Back Pain

If you experience frequent back pains when you wake up, your mattress could be the cause. Talk to your doctors so they can recommend an appropriate type that you can pick from a mattress store in Salt Lake City, like 2 Brothers Mattress. If you let this persist, back pain can make it impossible for you to work efficiently, resulting in lower productivity.

2. Stress

Modern life is full of pressure ranging from work to fulfilling daily responsibilities. Good sleep is essential in reducing stress. Unfortunately, a bad mattress will deny you enough sleep, thus adding to your stress. Sleep deprivation will also make you easily irritable and cause frustration.

3. Allergies

With continued use of your mattress, microorganisms find their way into it. They cause allergies, which will negatively impact your health. Cleaning your mattress regularly can reduce this. However, if you’re constantly suffering from a running nose and a sore throat, get a new one.

4. Stiffness

It’s important to wake up rejuvenated for a new day. If you feel stiff upon waking up, then your mattress no longer supports your body sufficiently. This implies that it’s wrecked and needs a replacement.

A mattress has great bearing on your general well-being. Although choosing the right mattress can be challenging, ignoring the above signs will negatively impact your health.