4 Types of Stylish and Interesting Garden Fountains

a garden fountain

Adding a fountain is a surefire way to improve the overall look and feel of your garden. It can serve as a focal point and a major aesthetic feature. The relaxing sound of water sprouting from it will simply make you want to hang out a little longer.

There are different types of garden fountains. It pays to know your options before making a purchase. After all, you want only the best fountain for your garden. Here is a quick guide:

Tiered fountain

This is popular and has been favored by property owners for many years. What makes it interesting is the tiered feature where water trickles from one level to another. Designs vary from simple basins to elaborate details and carvings. Go for this type if your garden has a traditional or classical landscape.

Wall fountain

A wall fountain makes a perfect choice for your garden’s corner or a prominent side. It can either be a freestanding structure or wall-mounted. A freestanding wall fountain is also known as floor fountain, as it comes with a semi-circular pool. A mounted fountain is simpler — it has a spout and a water basin connected by tubing installed on the wall.

Japanese fountain

If you want to incorporate an Asian vibe to your garden, you’ll never go wrong with a Japanese fountain. What’s unique about these fountains is it highlights the water, not the basin. This type of fountain is usually made from rocks and bamboo and is accented by mosses and ferns. You can also incorporate it into a koi pond if you wish. It will lend a natural and Zen appeal to your garden.

Self-contained fountain

Contained fountains are favored for its simplicity and easy installation. They’re called self-contained as they typically have all the parts needed to function. The term may also refer to the types that have their own water reservoir — no need to install them in a pool or pond. This feature gives you the freedom to set it up anywhere in your garden.

These are only some of the many types of fountains out there. Learn more about your options by finding a supplier. Just a tip: a garden supply store can provide you with a wider range of options.