4 Simple Reasons Smaller Is Better When Building a Pool

"Swimming pool in a home's backyard

Nowadays, most homeowners in Perth thinking of constructing pools opt for designs that economise space. Here’s a closer look at what you stand to gain by opting to do the same.

1. A small pool is more affordable to build

A small pool requires fewer materials to construct. Additionally, such a pool requires less labour to make, meaning that you don’t need to pay a contractor as much money as you’d have if you chose a big pool. And since a small pool requires less water to fill, you get to save on utility bills as well.

2. It takes up less space

A small pool is something you can have even if you don’t have a large yard. If you did have a large yard though, a small pool means that you still end up with more space in your yard for other uses — gardening, for instance.

3. It requires less maintenance

The size of a swimming pool determines how much maintenance it requires to stay in excellent condition. Smaller pools require fewer chemicals and machinery to keep water sanitised, meaning you get to spend less time and supplies to enjoy your investment.

4. A small pool is more eco-friendly

Since they don’t need a lot of chemicals to keep the water clean, smaller pools do not generate as much carbon footprint as larger ones do. A smaller pool also needs less energy to heat up and can do just fine with solar panels, making it even more eco-friendly.

A small pool allows you to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at home without costing you much in the way of space, installation, and maintenance. With these clear benefits, it’s no surprise that in the contest between smaller and bigger pools, the former will often come out on top.