4 AC Facts that Will Prolong its Life

Air conditioner

It would be disappointing getting highly rated ac equipment only for it to break down a few months later. How you handle the equipment from the time, it was installed to the preferred maintenance procedures will determine its efficiency.  You would not want the system breaking down in the middle of summer when the heat is unbearable. To avoid this, here are some facts that will enhance its efficiency.

Proper Maintenance Practices

Your AC requires scheduled maintenance practices even when you do not detect any problems. A heating equipment and AC repair technician in St Charles, MO should have a look at it and fix any issues no matter how trivial. Note that a technician may detect problems you might miss.

Proper Placement

The Outdoor component can lose up to 10% of its power when exposed to direct sunlight. Shading the unit will ensure its efficiency and reduce the cost of operating and maintaining it.

Dirty Filters Translate to a Higher Electricity Bill

The ac filter sucks dirt and debris ensuring they do not get into the cooling unit, which can cause damage. When it is not cleaned or replaced regularly, the system has to use more power to keep the room cool because the air cannot flow in properly. The ac will require more energy to do the extra work, escalating the electricity bill.

Leaks Decrease Efficiency

Leaks make the system work harder to generate the same effect. This will use up more energy and lead to wear and tear. To avoid this, any leaks detected should be sealed off and regular inspections conducted.

If you detect any problem, contacting a technician immediately will make sure the issue is dealt with on time. Also, if you are not conversant with the system, leave the installation to an expert. A wrong installation may shorten the AC’s lifespan.