3 Ways to Increase Your Pool’s Safety

Summer is an exciting season filled with vacations, barbecues, and swimming. As it is a staple for summertime, adventures cannot be complete without spending some time in a swimming pool.

However, as much as swimming pools are great places to have fun, they can be dangerous too. Studies conducted by the World health organization report 372,000 drowning-related deaths each year in the US. Between 2005 and 2014, drowning caused approximately 3,536 deaths.

Different accidents can occur in the swimming pool. They include slips and falls, head injuries, electrocution (yes, you read that right). Making your swimming pool a safe place is better than dealing with accidents that might occur. Some accidents are severe and can lead to death. Here is how to avoid all that mess, as revealed by Dolphin Pools & Spas.

Put a Safety Cover over Your Pool

As much as safety covers don’t add to a pool’s appeal, they keep them safe during the winter. They help hold the weight of small kids and prevent accidents. Children can easily walk across the cover without any accidents.

Build a Pool Safety Fence

A safety fence around the pool prevents children from falling into it in the event they are playing around that area. A good fence should measure 48 inches in height.

Install a Pool Alarm

Did you know that you can install different types of alarms in your swimming pool? You can install pressure-sensitive alarms, perimeter alarms, wearable alarms and gate alarms. Perimeter alarms alert you in case a child or an animal gets inside the swimming pool area. You install them at different areas of your pool. At the edge of the pool, install pressure-sensitive alarms. They must have a sensor tube which reaches the water. In case something falls in the pool and cause waves, they produce an alarm.

As you plan to have fun during the summer, remember to take every possible safety measure to avoid accidents. Assure adult supervision in a pool where children are swimming. Find a pool contractor to help you in the installation of safety equipment around your pool.