3 Ways to Bust Out of Workout Boredom

For most people, exercise isn’t the most fun thing to do — not because it’s too much work, but because it’s too boring of a work. Many women are familiar with this scenario. They start out strong and are motivated to go to the gym, and then they hit a slump in enthusiasm after a few sessions.

As you know, giving in to that slump and stopping altogether isn’t the best thing to do. Here’s how you can bust out of the workout boredom and spice up your fitness routine:

1. Find Your Fun

Don’t get stuck with your old workout routines. If you find the treadmill or weights boring and unchallenging, you probably can regain that motivation in other exercises — let’s say, in Pilates, indoor cycling, or dance cardio.

You can even try mountain hiking or whitewater rafting if you’re into more adventurous activities. Vary your routines every now and then. Try a new class or outdoor physical activity. The principle is you should go for whatever ignites your enthusiasm.

2. Be with a Buddy

Sometimes, it’s not the workout that can make working out interesting again. It could be a gym buddy. When you see a friend so overly excited about going to an indoor cycling class after work, you also catch the positive vibe. The enthusiasm is contagious.

Go find a gym buddy. Apart from a family member or a co-worker, you might also find a gym buddy in the person of a fitness coach. A personal training studio for women in Natick, for instance, has fitness experts who inspire women every step of the fitness journey, avoiding that slump after a few sessions.

People indoor cycling with instructor3. Make Some Noise

According to research, listening to music while working out can ease boredom. More importantly, it also improves stamina and puts you in a better mood, thus making your workout more delightful.

Put together a playlist of your favorite songs. Choose the ones that make you remember positive moments in your life. Experts say that when the brain associates different memories to songs, those good memories can make fitness performance better.

Workouts aren’t supposed to be boring; they should keep the feel-good hormones pumping and the challenge of fitness sustained. Try these tips to bring back your enthusiasm in sweat sessions.