3 Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

Home invasion and burglaries are still big problems in Australia although some areas record higher burglary rates than others. Contrary to common belief, burglars do not operate only at night or when you are on holiday. They will still invade your home during the day when they are sure you might be at work. Some may even pose as sales representatives, knock on your door and once they gain entry, they help themselves to your valuables. How do you make your home safer?

Security doors

Getting doors made from a strong material will discourage burglars. Laser cut screen doors are popular in Sydney because they are not only durable but can also deter intruders. Note that thieves gain entry into your home through the doors and windows. These doors can be reinforced with security features making it harder for anyone to break in.

Alarm system

Sixty per cent of burglars will choose an alternative house if the one they are interested in has an alarm system. This means that other than alerting you and the authorities of a break-in, the alarm system will discourage any intruder. Advanced technology has made it possible for you to get notified of any attempted intrusions through your phone or other mobile devices.

Surveillance cameras

When you can monitor what is happening in your house even when you are away, you may detect any intruder and notify the authorities before they walk away with your valuables. Also, some burglars will not want to invade a home where there is a surveillance system.

Because you work hard to acquire your valuables, you should also ensure that they are safe even when you are not in the house. Most burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when many people are at work. These measures will help prevent robbery even when you are away.