3 Improvement Items to Consider When Moving to a New Home

Whether you’re about to move in or have just moved in, here’s a three-item checklist to serve as your quick guide to upgrading the look of your new home without putting a dent on your savings.

Outdoor spaces

Spruce up your garden with easy-to-maintain outdoor plants of different varieties like soft vines and big leafy ones. Summers in Utah tend to get very dry and extreme, so having a sprinkler system in place is the best way to keep your garden looking beautiful despite the blistering summer heat. Always have the service number ready in case you need to contact the installer for sprinkler system repairs on your Utah home.

Extend your indoor space out to your backyard by setting up an outdoor kitchen and al fresco dining. Add lighting and lounge furniture, and lay some faux grass carpeting to create a summer garden look sans high maintenance.

Walls and ceiling

Installing crown moldings and baseboards can make a huge difference in the overall look of a room. Entryways without doors also look better with casings. If these are already installed, paint it with the same color as the walls to create a clean, seamless look. Make sure the room is properly lit with the right size and type of lighting equipment to make the entire space look brighter.

The kitchen

Having a properly equipped kitchen with proper storage systems makes a lot of difference. When your kitchen is efficient, it makes it a comfortable and easy place to work in. Improve the look of the walls by installing a backsplash and putting up shelves on empty walls. Use proper lighting to help you work much better and keep the space properly lit.

As most homes are delivered in standard finish, they may not have enough architectural details that provide depth and character. Improving the look of your new house gives it a homier feel and increases its value, too, especially if you plan to relocate and put it out on the market later on.