3 Common Air Conditioning Problems and How To Resolve Them

Worker conducting ACU maintenance

On a hot or humid day, air conditioners can give your family comfort and convenience. For this reason, it is important that you maintain and keep your cooling system in good condition. Air conditioning units, however, can be subject to wear and tear. If it is not working properly, the result will be inconvenience and discomfort for you and your family.

At some point, you will deal with different types of problems with your air conditioning system. While some of them require simple repairs that you can handle, others are better left to companies that specialize in air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City.

Learn some common HVAC problems and find out how you can resolve them.

Unit Not Working At All

If your unit is not working at all, check its main electrical or secondary circuit panels for any tripped breaker or blown fuse. Once you find the cause of the problem, reset the breaker and replace the fuse immediately.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Well

In some instances, your air conditioner might be running but not making your room cool. Check for anything that is blocking or limiting the flow of air in the air filter, register, or compressor.

Leaking Water

Air conditioning systems can create a lot of condensation, especially during extremely hot conditions. If water is dripping or collecting at the base of the air handler, it could mean three things:

  • There is a leak from one of the plastic pipes or tubes carrying it.
  • blockade in the flow of water
  • malfunctioning condensate pump

Air Conditioner Not Turning Off

If the unit is not turning off when room temperature has reached the desired temperature, the problem lies on the thermostat or electrical unit. Temporarily, you can use the circuit breaker to turn off the unit.

Keeping your air conditioning in good condition would mean increased savings. Do not hesitate to call for professional help if you think the problem is beyond your personal knowledge and expertise.