2017 Check Points for Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Installation in Perth

Pool heat pump

You should be able to take a swim in your pool whenever you want, regardless of the season. This is why swimming pool heat pumps in Perth are in demand. A heat pump extends how much you can swim during the year if you’re living in a cold region.  Heat pumps are not made equal, though, and that is why you need to know which one will thoroughly meet your needs.

What’s Your Pool’s Size?

You neither need a small heat pump for a large pool nor a huge heat pump for a small pool. Consult your suppliers about the right size. They will be able to guide you through the process of finding the suitable heat pump.

Prepare a Budget

Suppliers have different heat pumps that come with different prices.Talk with the suppliers and settle on the cost. Remember that you can always bargain for a discount on the installation cost.  Don’t be carried away by how cheap a pump might be. The affordability may come at the expense of quality and durability. Cheap is not always the best way to go.


Other than the size and cost of the pool, you need to consider the region’s climate. Some heat pumps are designed to heat a certain amount of water to different temperatures.

Supplier’s Preference

You should be aware of what your suppliers prefer and why the preference. It’s ultimately up to you which pump to purchase, but their insights and opinions as industry experts should be useful to you.


The best decision you can make at the end of this year is to upgrade the pool by installing a heat pump. It will serve you in warmer and colder seasons.